Meals on Wheels Farm to Folks Program
BF2P has worked with Bennington County Meals On Wheels to increase the amount of fresh, locally grown and gleaned foods in the MOW menu, thus improving the diets of MOW’s elderly and housebound clients, as well as those served in the MOW kitchen. The Tutorial Center’s Youth Horticulture Program now grows food especially for MOW, and numerous area farmers and gardeners donate extra food to the program.
TriLocal Farm and Food Directory
Partnering with the Bennington County Conservation District, BF2P has expanded and updated the online local foods directory, www.trilocal.org, a project that began as a volunteer project with support from The Bennington Farmers’ Market. A print version is in the works.
Farm to Table Banquet
In collaboration with the Bennington Museum, BF2P inspired an annual dinner celebrating local farms and foods, prepared by area chefs, with proceeds benefiting the Museum and Bennington Farm to Plate Council
Food System Inventory and Database
BF2P is working with the Bennington College Environmental Studies Program to create a comprehensive inventory of the Bennington area’s food system, listing resources, organizations and programs related to food growing, food handling, food service, food security and nutritional education the region.
Farm and Food Summit
An annual gathering bringing together farmers, food service and food security organizations, food distributors and retailers, chefs, and lovers of fresh, local food to learn about and discuss what we need to have a vibrant, resilient farm and food system in Bennington
Local Food Literacy Campaign
What is a food system? Where does our food come from and how far does it travel to get here? What makes for a healthy diet? How much food does Bennington produce? How many people in Bennington don’t get enough food? Why is local food important? BF2P will develop materials to help raise awareness of the connection between healthy foods, healthy farms, and healthy communities.
Farm to Plate Town Resolution
BF2P will draft and enlist support for a town-wide resolution in support of relevant aspects of Vermont’s Farm to Plate Strategic Plan
$20 by 2020
A campaign to boost per-capita purchase/consumption of locally grown food to $20 in Bennington County and neighboring communities